My Sociological Life

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My Sociological Life I come from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya in Africa. Kenya is one of the countries with quite a number of tribes. I believe that there are between 40 and 70 tribes in my country. Culture is the ways of thinking, acting and material objects that together form a people’s way of life. I am a Kamba, a Bantu ethnic group. Although a large part of Kamba culture has become westernized, and in my country the large towns and villages have greatly increased in number, the tradition pattern of family homesteads persists. Other forms of social and political structures such as clans, council of elders, and age-sets now appear to be primarily historical, and we no longer use them. The tribe’s role in Kenyan culture is slowly diminishing but it’s still one of the important facts of social life. In some parts of my country, I believe culture still exists and is taken seriously. The sociobiology approach of culture explores how the history of evolution has shaped pattern of cultures in today’s world. I believe that social interactions play a huge role in the formation of identity. Having an identity is very important. It gives a person stability in a world where everything seems to be continually changing. Identity is not only what others view you as being but also how you view yourself as being. The tradition in my tribe has shaped who I am. My parents too, taught me many things just by raising me. The moral values that they taught me I will always remember. My father is a humble man, and imparted onto me, through his example, that one should never be haughty and self-consumed. My mother guided me through life, dropping small but crucial pieces of advice here and there along the way, making sure that I would not go the wrong way. Now, even as I live separate from my father in this foreign land, his lessons still lead me through my days
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