Work Effectively with Culturally and Diverse Client

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1. Pick two visible aspects of you culture and explain the importance of them to you. • Language • Greetings and social manners Language is important to me just because it makes me feel as if I haven’t lost my culture and, it is important again because l usually use it when communicating with my family and friends. Greetings and social manners are important to me because there review my status and behaviour to my elders. I will be respected if I respect my social manner to my cultural elders. 2. Pick two invisible aspects of my culture and explain the importance of them to you. Gender role- the men are always the head of the house, or leader of their family in my culture. It will not matter if the wife is earning much money from work compare to the husband but men should always be in charge of their family. This is important to me because I will feel respected in my family. Values and attitude towards education- In my culture; being educated is what’s most important. Due to education my status rise in the society and be respected for that because the people in the community will start looking upon many things that they can’t do. 3. Think about a culture that is different from yours. Describe any practices that are unique to that culture. African bushman culture is different from my culture as their practises are very unique and they prefer living in caves or small huts made of long grass. They do their ceremonies and dance vigorously while holding sticks with fire. They hunt using old material weapons such as arrows and spears. 4. In what ways can respect for cultural diversity be demonstrated in a workplace • By showing respect and acceptance for diversity in all interactions with co –workers. • Allowing clients to practise their culture • By creating a culturally safe environment for client • Treat all co-workers equally regardless of their

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