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Six Sociological Concepts Sociology Assignment Sociological Concepts Sometimes in the midst of all of the things we do in life, we need to stop and really understand who we are, what we think, and how to react. Studying sociology really helps you take a look at all three of these. Taking a moment to stop, think about myself, and how I really can apply my thoughts and beliefs into society the right way is a good way to put a foot forward in to becoming better person. This includes how to be a better mother, daughter, and a great nursing student. The six sociological concepts I am going to review for my life is are functionalism, race and ethnicity, discrimination, religion, socialization, and crime. In my life I am a functionalist. Functionalist see society for what they can do to improve society. I am a very caring person and I try to always make my actions to help something evolve into something positive. I like the atmosphere to be positive, creating new circumstances to make things better. I am a very compassionate person. Everything I do is for a reason for the other being. I give without expecting back. I give to make a better opportunity for a person. When I react I do it in a positive way in hopes that it will carry on to someone else to help make the world go round. Now, all of this is far fetch. I have many times where my actions back fire on me. Race and ethnicity are a big deal in the world. Race is the color of the skin that is different from person to person. When I think race I think opportunity to see the world in a better way. Many people are judged upon their race. This is a problem across the nation when a positive opportunity is disregarded by judging upon race. I have always been in a small town where it was just white people. I witnessed judgment upon race many of times. I never let this become a part of me to make

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