What Child Rights Mean to Me

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What Child Rights Mean to Me For some time now, I have been thinking of what it means to have rights as a child how these rights can have an impact on my attitudes and behaviours. One thing I have definitely learned is that it does not give me the right to do what I like nor behave as I like thinking that no one can stop me. Growing up, I never really encounter any problem with my parents and their style of parenting. I have such loving parents whom I remember always played a very important role in my upbringing and encouraged my success as a child. If it weren’t for these supporting and caring individuals in my life, I’m not sure what type of person I would be today. My parents have the primary responsibility for my growth, development and upbringing and continue to be a crucial figure in my teenage years. They have offered me something very valuable support, hope and most important, they believe in me. These qualities are the foundation of what I envision a mother and father who are blessed with a child from God would strive to establish in that child. It is very difficult to imagine that there are children who can grow up with little or no support in their lives. This is heartbreaking, but the reality is that many children today do not have that support and love from adults, further less from their own parents. Many children are now growing up in a single parent home and this can have a negative impact on their development and rights to equality. Research has indicated that children in single parent homes are at risk of being low academic achievers, because first there is only one sole source of financial support for the family, there is less time spent to help the children with homework, parent are less likely to use consistent discipline and have less parental control Situations like these are just why the Convention on the Rights of the Child was
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