Naturalistic Observation Paper

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Values My personal values provide a reference for what is good, beneficial, useful, important and constructive to my family. Some values generate my behavior and helps me with family problems or issues and also with how I wish to raise my children today. Over time, I have found it to be very important in my day-to-day life. It helps me lay a foundation down of tradition, custom and family values. Values are what you want and need to achieve the goals you set for yourself and your family. Values can be obtained in many different ways. The most important piece for building values is your family. I am responsible as a mother for teaching my children what is right or wrong before, any other influence reaches them. I can only wish that what I have already instilled in my two children is a reflection of myself as a parent. According, to my MBTI I am compared to the same as Bill Clinton, Barbara Walters, Sam Walton , Donald Duck and Rabbit on “ Winnie the Pooh.” As a extrovert, I am a generous entertainer, I work hard and delegate easily. It also claims I enjoy being in charge, which I do not agree with because, I listen to reason and take other peoples advice to heart. I try to compromise within reason as well. It says that I wear my heart on my sleeve and I have soft feelings and I am easily wounded. I have a motherly drive which, takes over for my children and it claims I am hyper-ventilated with a caretaker value. So, In conclusion as a protector, and my outstanding field of study, with my medical care profession which I am consuming now here, I will be a good, caring and loving

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