“Belonging Is When People Accept You for Who You Are”

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“Belonging is when people accept you for who you are” Our identity determines who we are and where we belong, and it undergoes a continual change as we are exposed to different kinds of environments and people. Belonging means to feel a sense of welcome and acceptance to someone or something. It is indeed true that belonging is when people accept you for who you are, isolation and depression often ensues when one fails to find a sense of belonging. Our sense of belonging could be affected by the change of our experiences overtime, and how easily we are influenced by our family and friends, or even media. As it may be difficult to discover our true identity, it jeopardises our ability to find a sense of belonging, because we are weary from our previous unpleasant experiences. Our closest connection ever since we were children, would be our parents, their teachings, traditions and values ultimately forms our beliefs when we’re still developing and learning. During this period of time, we strive to live by our parents’ rules and morals, and that’s not only because we respect them, but we’re still trying to find our own identity. Over the time as we grow up, as we immerse ourselves with different kinds of people during our time in high school, and thus we start to gain experience through different kinds of relationships. On this journey towards adulthood, to find our identity we could start to value different things in our lives as opposed to what we were taught by our parents. In most cases, our family may accept us as whoever we are, because they are our closest connection, the people who grew up with us and truly care for us. Acceptance is the key to one’s sense of belonging. Most of us discover our true identity throughout our time at high school. It is one of the prime times of our lives where we discover what we truly want to do or to want to be. Our

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