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. CWV 101 7-31-12 Components of My Worldview A worldview is usually made from a set of beliefs of a religion that affects how a person lives their life and does certain things based on these beliefs. The three components that make up my world view are Ethics, Ultimate Reality, and Knowledge. These three components helped shaped my thoughts, experiences, education, and life decisions. With the years and time I have come to the realization that my strongest world view has been that my faith in God. As I have read about all the different world views in this course, I do not agree with them as the majority of them do not believe in God. God has had a huge impact on my life because he has greatly influenced my thoughts, my experiences, my education, and my life decisions. As a young boy I was taught that as long as you do what is right and live your life the right way, God will always be there for you. It is because of God and my parents that I learned to live in the right path to respect people for what they are and as I have done that I have met many interesting people who I don’t necessarily agree with but I have learned what it takes to respect people and they will respect you back. My parents also taught me to have an education, something they did not have the opportunity to do. Today I am in school in pursuit of my college degree with the mid set that I will have a better opportunity in life and my family. Without the support of my parents and family and with the help of God, I have been so blessed with the many opportunities I have had in life. Ethics is one of the components that deals with values in making up my worldviews. Ethics has shaped my thoughts by understanding what is right and what is wrong when you are young. As I get older I have realized what you do has rewards and consequences. I was also raised to always do the

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