Sociology: Generational Poverty In The United States

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Spring 2013 SOC101-A / Introduction to Sociology Review Essay #8 (Due: March 26, Tuesday) Name: Dreama Brock READ THIS: For this Review Essay, answer the following four sets of questions in your own words (do not simply copy your class notes) and in a self-sustaining manner (in a way that readers can clearly understand your answers without reading the assigned readings). Essay Questions: (1) Reference group is used to compare you to other people either in a positive or negative way. This group is used to simply compare, for individuals in their judgment on attitudes, beliefs, opinions and values use it. Reference groups affect one’s social class location by influencing your family, who your friends are and what celebrities you…show more content…
It is almost as if students have a mind set that their life has to be a certain way because of the lives of their family members before them and this is simply not true. I do plan to become a teacher so I know that this is a problem that I will have to face and that I will have to deal with students suffering from generational poverty throughout my entire career. I do believe there are ways to help the children overcome this. One way that I would help the children is to help them see and realize the value of their own life and their own education. I would help the child to see that just because their parents and grandparents are education to a certain extent, doesn’t mean that’s how it has to be for them. I would encourage them to set their own goals and to work toward creating their own identity. Another way that I would help these students overcome generational poverty is to help them set goals, both short term, and long term. I would help them set some serious goals for their life and for their education in hopes that those goals will stay in their mind and push them to work as hard as they can to be successful and overcome the life that generations before them have laid out for…show more content…
There are many things that I learned in this section that I had never even thought about before. One of the biggest things that I learned about was the different social classes that we have. I simply thought that you had the rich and the poor. I had no clue that a family could belong to all of these different social classes and learning about them and seeing the different requirements to fit into each category was very interesting to me. Another thing that I have learned about in this section that really stood out to me was the section on group think. I didn’t really know what group think was until we began to study it in depth. Then it all started to click together and made me realize that even I take part in group think on a weekly basis. I learned many things in this section that were very interesting to me, but these two studies seem to stick out the

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