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Group Project Experience Towards the end of the course, we all were assigned groups and were asked to do various assignments with our designated group. I went through a problem because of which I don’t know how I behaved and went with my group members, so I will not make any comment on any of my group members or the kind of work they did. However, gradually we all developed a sense of understanding among ourselves for group work and all of us took certain typical tasks related to group work for ourselves like making slides for presentation, data collection from the net, analyses of data, making reports of project work etc. I took the task of developing the procedure to carryout project work and telling others how to proceed for project work. My job was to analyze and compile the data they use to collect and make final reports and presentations for the work. Like all typical groups, in our group also there were good and bad events and moments. Sometimes, we used to have conflict among us over different issues, but we shared the joy of good remarks for our work together. Whatever the issue was we seemed to work together and resolve conflicts among each other to compile the work necessary. I don’t know what kind of experiences my group members had with me and the group during the entire year but I had all sorts of experiences with them and I learned a lot from them and group work. In the end, I will say that I am happy with the time I had with my group and the compromises we had to go through. It was a learning experience for me since I had not worked with a group before for a

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