Reflective Assignment Essay

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A reflective assignment based around teaching theories learnt in TS1111 Throughout the first terms module work, there have been many new theories introduced and all of which have played a vital part in the success and development of my teaching, both professionally and personally. All of these teaching theories have given me the confidence to improve not just in a classroom situation but also in the planning and preparation of teaching. As a young teacher, who has recently just finished university the transformation from student to teacher has been a huge and sometimes daunting step. The task of being able to present information to students has caused some concern as had managing a classroom of 20 plus teenagers, therefore the confidence and new information received form this course has proved vital in the success of teaching. There have been many different theories that have helped in a classroom environment. As a tutor who works in the sports department, the lessons are often delivered to suit activist and pragmatist as these learner groups are very common amongst the sport students. Honey and Mumford (1986) identified four learning styles, activist, pragmatist, theorist and reflective. Pragmatist and activists both share practical aspects and they both learn by testing theories and putting them in to practice. There have been many times when theorist and reflective learners have not been provided for throughout a lesson. This has been evident as many of my lessons have been based around a practical element. After realising how simply it is to put in information for reflectors and theorists, it now forms a part of my lesson, for example there may be information given followed by a cased study for reflective learners. I have also put tasks into my lessons so students have a chance to think back to the lesson and use the information and data to complete a task.
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