Icelt Task 3.3 Evaluating Supplementing Materials

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******** YOU ARE ALMOST THERE! GO GET IT ! ********** Evaluating and Supplementing Materials I. Introduction. Material evaluation should become a need for ELT practitioners, as not many of us have the chance to choose our own material to teach but on the contrary, most of the time, we are given a set of materials to use in our classrooms. According to Tomlinson (2003) “materials evaluation is a procedure that involves measuring the value (or potential value) of a set of learning materials”. The real challenge though, is trying to find a way to make those materials fit our students’ needs and context. For this assignment, I was required to analyze and evaluate the efficiency of some materials from my course book and select some appropriate material to include as a supplement. I will explain the rationale behind the selection of this supplementary material and then will teach a lesson using it. Finally, I will make an evaluation of the lesson’s outcome in terms of supplementary material’s effectiveness and if it will be worthy to include in future lessons. II. Class Profile. My class consists of 35 young learners with an average age of 10. Their English level is A2. They are able to communicate in simple routine tasks and daily matters. They are familiar to English as they are third graders and have practiced English every day for the last two years; however, they are on their way of dominating L1 interference while speaking as they tend to use Spanish to communicate their ideas effectively rather than challenging themselves to build accurate sentences in English. They like being praised and recognized through verbal positive comments on their performance, which make them very enthusiastic and eager to participate during the class. III. Analyzing Materials. I decided to describe and supplement Unit 6 – Reading 2: “A Hike back in time” of
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