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Yajaira Pacheco Grade: 10th Link Crew Leader Essay Leadership can mean many different things but in order to obtain it one must be a triumphant leader. Leaders incorporate outstanding qualities that many desire. Dedication, guiding and influencing others, and having splendid courage are all simple yet extraordinary signs of superior leadership. In order to be a link crew leader one must excel leadership qualities but the main reason why I would like to be a link crew leader would be for the simple fact of not only helping freshmen students feel welcome to Hoover High School, but to have them feel confident enough to be able to seek for help or guidance whenever they need it whether it be from me or any other staff at Hoover. And setting a good example is the start of that. Now, when I first arrived at Hoover my freshmen year I remember feeling a mixed number of emotions all at once. Frightened, nervousness, lost, and confused were some of the many things that were all cramped up in my head the very first day I stepped foot at Hoover. The very first thing that came to my mind was where will I go and how will I get there? And the only person who seemed to have helped guide me through this struggle was my link crew leader. Mostly all of my doubts went away as soon as my link crew leader explained to my group where, how, and when we should be at a place and giving specific instructions in a fun and manageable way. The only doubt that I still had in mind with my link crew leader was that I didn’t feel connected or confident enough to talk to her in a secure way and now that I have the chance to be a link crew leader I want to be able to take charge and make newcomers feel they can count on me for whatever they need. However, having freshmen students confide in me isn’t the only reason why I wish to be a link crew leader. I wish to
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