The Groups and Relationships We Choose Show Us Who We Are.

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As we grow up we need to make a choice about where we belong as Steve Jobs stated ‘we were the group of people who were going to judge whether it was great or not’. All individuals at times in life can find themselves in association with different groups, whether the group has common interests, the same spoken language, the same ethnicity or the same shared values. The groups which we belong to play a major part in shaping who we are and how we identify ourselves, although sometimes our own identity may need to be compromised in order for us to belong in a group. As we are all born to belong and feel the need to belong, our identity is motivated to change depending on which groups we choose to belong to and how we react to the group. Our individuality is constantly altered and adjusted by the world beyond us as we come to encounter new experiences in life and interact with people whose perception and values that we are unfamiliar with. Indeed, family is an important group that we can find our identity from. They shape our identity since we are young. Moreover, our friends can help us to define who we are by comparing with them. Mostly, our identity can change easily when we belong to a group, maybe it is because of we get influenced. Other than this, virtual communities can provide us a new identity if we are frighten to show our true self. To see from another perspective, I think it is the place of school that enables us to learn about ourselves which gives us the confidence to develop our identity. Family is the first group to which the majority of people ever belong to. The culture and values our family instill in us determine our characteristics initially, and as we mature through time. Our family shapes who we are at a very young age, regardless whether our family has a positive or a negative influence on us. Through our development and maturing we are

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