New Generation to College: the Millennial Students

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New Generation to College: The Millennial Students In this article " Welcoming a New Generation to College: The Millennial Students", the authors Elam, Stratton, and Gibson argue that, currently the US population is comprised of five generation. The most recent is the millennial generation who are the majority of college students at this time. Parented by the baby boomers, the millennial generation has been accustomed to parents being very close and concerned about their well-being. Since the generation has been desensitized by media and technology, they are more receptive to it than previous generations. They are also considered hard working and team oriented, due to the development of social media as a norm in the millennia generation. Dr. Carol Elam, Dr. Terry Stratton and Dr. Denise B. Gibson, further explain how through interviews, focus groups, and other types of tests, social demographers have identified positive and negative qualities that come from today’s millennial students. Positive qualities includes: hardworking, engaged in numerous academics, ability to organize and mobilize easily, and the ability to master the skills to multitask. Negative qualities of millennial students include: being over reliant on communication technology, which may cause problem with student’s interpersonal skill. According to the authors, millennial students were influenced by a unique set of culture, such as hard work, supportive parents who desire the best for their future. Even with these positive qualities, millennial students also give difficulties to their teachers, counselors and the administrators at high school and college levels. An additional influence on the millennial students is parental involvement. Parents of this generation pay very close attention to their children’s academic progress and extracurricular activities. Elam, et al.

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