The Influence of Your Background on Your Education

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The Influence of Your Background on Your Education Education in the United States has become a crucial part of every American’s life. Completing high school and college open doors for individual achievement and is directly linked to economic success. Equally important to the completion of high school and college is a rich and positive experience in the learning process. Educators are skilled in using technology, creating great learning experiences and improving the curriculum while parents are even more influential. Parents are a positive influence for many children who otherwise may fall behind, failing, or even dropping out of school. The background of the child’s family combined with passed down values and experiences will determine the student’s education. The role of technology in early childhood education is an effective tool for students, so the lack of technology in a child’s upbringing can affect their educational career. For example, students who do not begin using various types of technology from kindergarten can fall behind. Studies found that students who are less likely to access technology at home are at an academic disadvantage. This shows how vital technology is in a child’s education; however, there is a challenge in making it available to everyone. Particularly low-income or minority college students often have trouble in succeeding in a technology-saturated environment. Some parents do not understand the importance of Internet access because in their generation, the Internet was not necessity. However, the bigger issue is the gap between whites who have access to the Internet and minorities. Studies have found that 60% of African American and 56% of Latino adults can use the Internet, compared to 71% of white adults. In addition, while 42% of white families subscribe to broadband access, only 31% of African

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