Freshman College Experience Essay

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Program Evaluation (Module 8) Final Project August 15, 2008 Introduction This research paper seeks to analyze programs that assist students with their first year transition into college life. Successful programs can aid in fostering the character and moral development of first year students by providing an environment where students can enhance their social and academic skills within their institution. Oftentimes, a student’s first year in college is viewed as a “transitional year” that sets the foundation for a student’s subsequent years in college. (Gardner, 2001) More importantly, however, the first year of a student’s college experience is a time in which the greatest numbers of college students withdraw or drop out from school. (Misra, 2000) Background Attending college can have a profound impact in one’s life from a personal, social and vocational perspective. (Astin, 1993) “Of the nearly 2.4 million students who entered higher education for the first time in 1993, over 1.5 million will leave their first institution without receiving a degree. Of those, approximately 1.1 million will leave higher education altogether, without ever completing either a two or a four-year degree program.” (Tinto, 1993, pg 1) Only about fifty percent of high school graduates who enter four year degree colleges complete their degrees. (Kuh et al., 2005) Furthermore, other research shows that the majority who drop out of college leave at the end of their first semester. (Tinto, 1982) Major factors that contribute to a student’s difficult first year transition may allow for insight into the new student’s experience during this period. Some of these factors include: (i) lack of social support, (ii) academic stress, (iii) financial burdens, (iv) life adjustments, (v) depression and (vi) the burden of having to build a new support system at college. (Misra,

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