Why Did I Decided to Go Back to College

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Future planning significantly impacts one’s personal success as well as it affects family and close friendships. Providing a well-structured plan for my family and loved ones is a personal goal that I have in order to provide the best future possible, especially for my children. Exhibiting qualities of a superior role model is primarily the reason why my decision of returning to college was the right choice for me to make, while I realize that my children’s perspective of me will be positive and they will never frown upon my efforts. My decision to return to college leads me down many paths. The choice was difficult yet necessary, as I knew that my parent’s desire for me to return to school was influencing me. The need for a better life for me and my family was the most significant reason. Multi-tasking home tasks, work life, and college seemed overwhelming, yet necessary to restart a life that leads me in the right direction. The thought of returning to school was intimidating since I wasn’t quite sure of what I wanted to do. Sacrifice was something that I had to learn to tolerate when returning to school. Spending time with my family became less of a benefit that I once enjoyed and that many take for granted. Sleep deprivation and personal time was also something that returning to school had an impact on. Study habits are difficult to maintain and focus, due to my children wanting my attention non-stop. My parents support in this process has been a blessing as they’ve taken much of the burden therefore providing peaceful nights and lessening some of the stormy days. Lastly, the most significant person in my life providing compassion and encouragement is my husband. He supports me through hard times and without him and my family’s support, returning to school would probably not have been possible. Family support and love are necessary ingredients to

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