What Do I Bring to Ppcc?

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Jennifer Periquet Sandra Miller ENG 090 Paper 1: What Do I bring to PPCC? 10 October 2012 “What Do I Bring to PPCC?” PPCC is a community college that has diverse students wishing to pursue a degree in high education. Each student contributes many different characteristics to the PPCC community. Like other students at PPCC, I am not a stencil or a stereotype that I appear to be. A person’s values and characteristics are important to uncover and understand as this differentiates one person from the next. Two things that I personally value are my family and maintaining my youth. I am most known amongst my family and friends for my honesty and compassion. These values and characteristics have the potential to aid me and my pursuance of education. However, they may cause obstacles through my course of study. Other things that differentiate me from others are the obstacles that I’ve overcome in the past and the ones that I’m currently experiencing. An example of these obstacles is bullying and most of all, procrastination. This testimony will give you the opportunity to have a better sense of who I am. Every individual has her own personal values in life that would be used as motivation to progress in life. She may value many positive ideas that come to mind such as friendships, happiness, faith and philosophies that may be used as inspirations, but what I truly value, personally, is my family. My family has contributed to me physically and emotionally as I went through tough times in high school. As I ponder and think back right now, I realize that my family has been in every hardship that I’ve been through without me even realizing it. The have been my main inspiration to keep progressing in life and developing the ambition to focus on pursing my education and dreams. For example, during high school I struggled with finding out what I truly desired to do with my

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