Why I Want to Attend New Hampton School

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I am hoping to attend New Hampton School for a few reasons; to learn the responsibility I'll need to manage a successful adult life, for the comfort and support it seems to provide, and for an academically challenging end for my high school career. After reading New Hampton's literature and speaking with my educational consultant, I believe that New Hampton is the perfect school to help me develop emotionally, and spiritually. I am drawn to the "hands-off  attitude that the school promotes. Personally, I could benefit greatly from having the chance to use my own internal motivation to guide me through out life instead of having people tell me exactly what I need to do and how I need to do it. This being my senior year is a very important learning experience for me, and by letting me control my own circumstances and out comes at New Hampton I will probably learn and grow more than ever before. I also admire the school's emphasis on using community service as a way to shape an individual's character. I live under the belief that in order to be a well-rounded and accomplished person, one must give back to others, and understand that charity and compassion is one of man's greatest gifts. As for my goals while attending New Hampton School, well, they're quite simple. My goal is to have fun while being responsible and independent. Essentially I'll be facing challenges in every aspect of my life (in school and beyond graduation), and I want to live with the comfort of knowing that I made the right decisions. I believe that by being in charge of my daily activities, study times, and personal choices, I will equipped to make smart responsible judgments in the future. A few of my less-vague goals are to obtain an honor roll position in your school. I plan on achieving that by plainly studying as often as necessary and using

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