Personal Narrative: My Core Beliefs

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Robert Madril Thompson/7 Life skills 22 Feb. 2010 My Core Beliefs Although in present day there are many many bad things that happen in every day life. From drug use to stealing and even murdering, i think its still very important to have core beliefs. A core belief to me is a way of living that will never change no matter what the circumstance. One core belief that i have is to always try your hardest. I think this is the most important character you can have because it will push you through life and help you become a more reliable and better person. This belief has come from a lot of adult figures in my life but mostly my dad. My dad is always telling me that even if the situation is as bad as it can get you should still always…show more content…
Soccer is an extremely competitive sport. It takes a lot of energy and a lot of skill. Whenever I'm playing a good and challenging team it is important to apply this belief in the game. Sometimes you get scored on a couple times and all that you want to do is give up and quit. Having this belief during this point of the game really helps out a lot. Having this core belief helps a ton in future life. For example, it helps you get good grades so that you can get into a good college. As you go through school it just gets harder and harder and sometimes you just aren't smart enough to keep getting good grades but you can always try your hardest no matter what. Nobody can take away your level of effort. Another core belief that I have is to always look at the best in things no matter what. This belief helps a ton when you think that things aren't going your way. I got this belief from my parents also. My parents really believed in shaping me into a good person when i was younger. When i was younger my parents would always scold me if I was thinking about the negative side of the situation instead of the positive side. This belief is "core" for me because it will take you places you have never thought

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