What Does It Mean to Be a Good Leader?

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US. History What it means to be a good leader? Being a good leader is being honest, brave, courageous and wanting to do great things for your country, looking out for the poor and the rich, looking out for others besides yourself. Always being honest to citizens of America, and making choices that would make the country better and stronger. Standing up for what is right and fighting to achieve your goals. To me those are all great things that makes the greatest leader of the country. Sometimes being a good leader means that you have to sacrifice family and friends and the ability to not be afraid of the unknown. Being honest as a leader makes a lot of difference. It makes citizens want to trust you , it makes them want to trust the promises that you've made as a president or leader, or even a mayor. If the citizens can't trust what you say and the plans you have for them. Then they won't be able to think your good for their country. Being a leader is hard because you constantly have to make decisions that could harm the government or help it, and either way it turns out you have to ready no matter what happens. You always have to decide if you want to make peace with other countries or to go to war with them. Another good trait that makes a good leader is being brave and standing up for what you think is right for everyone in the government and society. You have to be able to understand each side before one acts out as a leader. You have to be able to know what the consequences are for the way you act and how you do it. In all aspect you have to be brave through it all and know that there is nothing to fear in America. Leadership is important in a country because without someone leading and taking charge of things for society, everything would be unorganized and messed up. Leadership is also important because the society depends on someone that is going

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