The American Revolution Root Cause Analysis

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Root cause analysis is a method of problem solving that tries to identify the principal causes of problems because it is the best way to achieve complete prevention of recurrence. The American Revolution, and perhaps future revolutions as well, are caused for some core reasons. These are immensely important in analyzing the war and the future of America for they will turn out to shape the very democratic ideals that wrought our great nation. I think history is taught and learned for the hope of not repeating the atrocities, learning from the mistakes, and, in general, to learn from the past. That’s why the causes of the Revolution are most important, because they can be used to prevent more bloodshed and war. In Gordon Wood’s The American…show more content…
In modern demographics, population growth is used to analyze and predict pollution, traffic, and economic changes. In the eighteenth century, the population spike of Britain is responsible for the vast difference in the way Britain treats America, inevitably leading to rebellion. All the extra population migrates to America, and the population there is also rapidly growing. The colonists are confined east of the Appalachian Mountains, and with the lack of proper technology begin to feel the pressure. This fosters the fragmentation of society: communities fall apart, there are land disputes left and right, and seeing all of this, Britain begins to take firm control of its empire, passing the Proclamation of 1763. Among of this turmoil, the frontiersmen begin to feel misrepresented in the government. All this agitation breaks out in the delegitimization of the colonial authority, causing everyone to point fingers at Parliament, and more easily, King George III. However, British officials did, or could do, very little to ease the stress present. Another core cause examined is economic expansion. Among the recent debates about spending cuts and tax increases, it really calls to attention that America was born from an economic expansion. In about 20 years, 1747 to 1765, American exports doubled, as did the imports. As a result people became rich in this flourishing economy, but more importantly a sort of aristocracy, such that has never been seen in America before, is created. As sure as taxes, the clash of the classes begins. Again Britain proves unable to administer its amazingly dynamic

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