Canadian Responsible Government Gr.10

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Question: Describe the changing political economic and social factors which at first did not allow for responsible government in British North America and how they ultimately led to the adoption of responsible government in British North American colonies in the 1840s and 1850s Thesis: The influx of immigrants to North America from Britain, due to the industrial revolution, brought many profound changes to the colonies. These newly immigrated farmers, hoping to find a land to start anew without the limitations found in Britain were distraught to find the situation in the colonies similar. Therefore, In both Upper and Lower Canada, the unjust oligarchies that controlled the residents, brought on a want of reform and responsible government. The people eventually turned to armed rebellion against the British. And although, these rebellions failed, their aftermath caused the creation of Lord Durham’s Report, the merging of Upper and Lower Canada, and a responsible government to govern the newly created Province of Canada. Analysis: P.O.V. 1: The Industrial Revolution that occurred in Britain in the early 19th century, caused an influx of immigrants from Britain to North American Colonies which greatly effected the social and political ideas that were already established After Britain won the war with France, the Industrial revolution in Britain began The shift from farming to urban work displaced a large amount of people Many either had to move to urban areas to find work or find work overseas The large displacement of people in this movement was called the Great Migration Many residents from Ireland, Scotland, and England moved to the Canadas and brought along with them many engrained values The English immigrants moved to Upper Canada and the French immigrants moved to Lower Canada Most of the immigrants were poor farmers and were in the peasant class These
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