Why Did Europeans Emigrate to America in Large Numbers?

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Why did Europeans Emigrate to America in such numbers? Europeans emigrated to America for many reasons, these however were not the same reasons but may have been similar in nature. I will be looking at the period of 1776 – 1914 this time period is after America had received its independence and before World War 1 which did effect emigration to America. In this essay I will mention the main European nations that provided emigration to America in this period and the push and pull factors that encouraged or forced these migrants to leave their homelands for a new life in America. English emigrated to America due to high population, high unemployment and the promise of a better life which America was offering. Thomas Malthius published his essay “the principles of population” in 1798. In this he claims that Britain’s population was growing at a faster rate than the food supply, this causing panic and encouraging the government to conduct a census in 1801. The result was 10.501.000, Britons population was estimated to have doubled in fifty years since 1750. This population problem coupled with new agricultural developments such as enclosure acts, which doubled crop production using fewer workers meant that there were many agricultural workers who were jobless. These moved to industrious areas such as Manchester known as Cottonopolis or emigrated to countries such as America to find work where it was advertised a new life could be made. Some moved to industrious areas and then moved on to America. Many of the English migrants pursued the same trades they were accustomed to in England, many agricultural workers remained agricultural workers some establishing their own farms. Englishmen with skills in the cotton industry brought with them the technological skills to establish a cotton industry in America, Samuel Slater who was apprentice to Richard Arkwright and

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