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Leadership and Management Suzanne Hickle 6/09/2014 LDR/300 Mark Guberman Winston Churchill was what many would call a world of a leader. He led his country through the biggest turmoil of the 20th century. In present day his notoriety and leadership ability is still a common desire among politician figure heads as well as those leading a country through a difficult time. Being a good leader is not always about what you have accomplished or what you have defeated in your time served. Having leadership skills is what makes a good leader a great leader. In the terms of Churchill his leadership skills were led by his charismatic resolutions lead to increased political focus that help lead him to war time peacemaking. In terms of being a good manager his ability to lead during a turmoil time brings his management skills to question. Having the ability to manage an entire country through the biggest world war and his ability to us his leadership skills in doing so was a…show more content…
Being a good leader is to instill the confidence and skill worth of the ones that aspire to accept the challenge of change. Churchill’s success has been measured through the difficult challenge that faced his country during the battle of World War 2. Churchill was also a measurable success because of his passion in problem resolution and the ability to take the risks needed to help better shape and support his country. Through history and as well as present politicians being successful does not always end with being a good leader or having great management skills, however the ability to continue to bring encouragement and growing faith in those you are leading is a measured success that only the future will be able to measure. Leadership is often not recognized until years later when we have had the opportunity to review the actions and plans of the individual. This is where success is measured and leadership is
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