Hoover A Liberal Or Conservative Analysis

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Jess Seng Mr.Nassida AP History 15 April 2012 Liberal or Conservative Liberals and Conservatives have some really unique qualities to them. Liberals tend to lean more towards Patriot ideals such as the rejection of nobility and organized religion, as well as the right to life, liberty, and property. Conservatives, like the Tories, believed there should be minimal, gradual change in the country and they supported monarchies. FDR and Hoover might not show signs of all these things, but the main ideas of each still linger in today’s political parties. The idea that Hoover was a Conservative and FDR a Liberal are in fact completely correct. The timing Hoover became president and when the economy hit an all-time low matched perfectly.…show more content…
From Document E, FDR stated that …”I shall approach the problem of carrying out the plain precept of our party, which is to reduce the cost of current federal government operations by twenty five percent…” He was taking it all onto the government’s shoulders to take care of the people. He wanted to minimize the budget and be able to give more back to the people so that they could get out of the Depression. FDR whole heartedly believed that the government was going to solve all of America’s problems and fix everything, which it should be doing. He also stated in this document that …” I shall not hesitate to tell the American people the full truth and ask them to authorize the expenditure of that additional amount…” This is one of the reasons why he is still such a beloved president today. He did believe that the government should have the reins and be in control, but he always wanted the people of America with him every step of the way and to know what was going on. He never wanted them to not know what was going on and to never have to question what they were doing. In Document G, FDR says “The voice of great events is proclaiming to us. Reform if you would preserve.” Like stated earlier with Hoover, Conservatives are highly against change in government and want little to none to happen. Honestly though, sometimes it is the only way that you can improve. Sometimes the walls need to be torn down and built up from a new angle to…show more content…
FDR felt that the American government was going to fix all the problems of the people and make their lives improve over time. His ‘New Deal’ plan really stresses this fact. He knew that the people could accomplish anything with just a little coaxing from their leader. Hoover thought that their needed to be less government control and the people had to do some things for themselves. He wanted them to be able to fix their problems themselves and let the government do more important jobs and have to worry about them less. He wanted them to become strong, independent people, but when America’s situation was as bad as it was nothing the people did could get them out of that situation. The government needed to step in and help them get out of the hole because they were too far in to pull themselves out. This concept had good intentions, but failed miserably. FDR’s Liberal ideas set new ground rules for the coming presidents to follow and his spirit and work ethic were going to be the top bar the next Presidents would have to compete with, even still

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