Was King Henry a Leader

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Was King Henry a Leader? An important part in being an effective/ great leadership is the close association between leader and follower, which can establish the triumph of the leader’s task. Sadly this leader follower connection cannot be established easily, you cannot rapidly achieve this. If you understand the people you are trying to lead then it makes it easier to be an effective leader. To lead a group such as a kingdom, village or a community you must be able to recognize and understand all the ethnics and races, you must understand how each and everybody feels about such things you are debating or encouraging to do, and you also must be able to be open to everyone’s opinion whether you yourself like it or not. King Henry the fifth showed various signs that showed he was a great leader and was able to use his leadership skills to encourage the people in his kingdom to do whatever he desired them to do. As a young child he hung out in the slums of his village so he understands how exactly the different people in his kingdom feel about certain things, and because of that he was able to understand what precisely would motivate them to help him out for whatever King Henry wishes to do. He was able to use his abilities as a king to “inspire” his people to do his bidding. Great Leaders are able to use their skills to guide or misguide. King Henry showed in many ways that he was capable of leading a large number of people. “The strawberry grows underneath the nettle, and wholesome berries thrive and ripen best- Neighbored by fruit of baser quality”- this quote was stated by Ely (act one, scene two), which shows that by hanging out with the lower class people he was able to grow up understanding that everybody has needs, this made him more suitable for his role as King, it gave him understanding
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