Unit 201 Child and Young Person Development

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Unit 201 Child and Young Person Development This unit is intended to provide evidence of your knowledge and understanding of children and young people’s development from birth to 19 years. By completing all tasks, you will provide evidence that meets the Learning Outcomes and assessment criteria for Unit 201. There are 3 tasks to complete: Task | Evidence required | Unit coverage | A | Complete table | 1.1a, b, c | B | Written questions | 1.22.1, 2.2 | C | Complete table | 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 | Assessment Criteria 1.1 a, b, c Task A Complete the table below by describing the key developments children and young people go through at each age. | Physical development | Communication and intellectualdevelopment | Social, emotional and behaviouraldevelopment | Birth to 3 years | * Sucking and Grasping. * Turn heads towards sounds. * Rolling. * Crawling. * Sitting unsupported. * Pass objects from hand to hand. * Begin to walk. * Climb on furniture. * Feed them self’s. * Play with balls. * Grip objects using their thumbs and first two fingers. IE pencils. | * Adults try to communicate with babies, this is essential to them as even though they cannot understand what has been said, they will still be listening, this will help them later on to communicate and learn the language. * Around 12 Months the child will begin to speak words, eventually putting a few words together. * They will begin to understand phases and keywords in sentences. * By the age of 2 the child will start to understand conversations and try to copy. * Vocabulary will rapidly increase, and start to use negative in their speech and start asking questions like why? | * Find own identities and form strong attachments. * Respond to Mothers voice, face and smile whilst feeding. * Show affection to people they know and shy away from strangers. *

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