Child Development Essay

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1. Understand the pattern of development that would normally be expected for children and young people from birth – 19 yrs. 2.1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspects of development that would normally be expected in children and young people from birth – 19 years. Children’s development is continuous and can be measured in a number of different ways. Although all children will develop at different rates and in different ways, the sequence in which they develop will be roughly the same as they need to have developed one skill, for example walking, before they move on to develop another such as running and jumping. Development is often referred to on a timeline and is broken down in ages. As development is more rapid in early years the milestones start by being quite close together before becoming further apart as baby becomes a child and then a young adult. The aspects of development that children are measured on are physical, language, social and emotional, and intellect. From birth through to adulthood children continually grow, develop, and learn. A child’s development can be measured through social, emotional, intellectual, physical and language developmental milestones. In general, child development progresses from head to toe. Beginning at the top of the body and gradually moving downwards from inner to outer. Firstly gaining control of muscles close to the head and then moving outwards so the large muscles in the shoulders and upper arms/thighs are first and the extremities last from simple to complex; children progress from simple words to complex sentences from general to specific; emotional responses involve the whole body in young babies but may involve only the face in an older child It is important to understand how children develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually and to know that all areas of development
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