Cyp3.1 Jean Piaget

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CYP 3.1 2.3 Explain how the theories of development frameworks to support development influence current practice Researched from How Children Learn by Linda Pound Jean Piaget - Cognitive Piaget was interested in intellectual development. He identified 4 stages of development from birth through to adulthood. These are Sensorimotor Piaget called the first 2 years of a child's life the sensorimotor stage. This is when babies/toddlers knowledge and understanding are chiefly drawn from physical action and their sight, sound, taste, touch and smell (senses). Preoperational This is the stage from the age of 2 year up to the age of around 6 or 7 years old. Piaget said that "children learn to manipulate the environment and to represent objects by words, which supports play with ideas". Concrete Operational This third stage is from the age of around 7 to 11 years. Logical thought develops, the child emphasises classification or categorisation by difference and similarity. Formal Operations This final stage begins at around age 12 and continues into adulthood. He "claimed that this stage was characterised by orderly thinking and mastery of logical thought. Children can manipulate abstract ideas, make hypotheses and see implications of their thinking and that of others." Piaget suggested that each child should be taught to match their individual needs. In my setting if a child needs extra support or help with an activity we will make sure there is a member of staff available to do this with the child. Piaget said that children require periods of long uninterrupted play and exploration. In my setting the children are given approx 1hr and 20mins of free play where they are allowed to use a variety of activities and toys of their choice. Piaget said that by observing what children say and do gives understanding of intellectual development and
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