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Name the toy you selected: LeapPad2 Which age category is appropriate for this toy? 3 to 9 years of age Why did you choose this toy? When I was younger I had owned a LeapPad Physical Development 1. How does this toy stimulate a child’s physical development? This toy stimulates a child’s physical development by having the child use it’s fingers, hands and wrists to manipulate the toy, which strengthens the child’s smaller muscles. This toy also strengthens the child’s hand to eye coordination. Explain why. When the child uses the touch screen of the LeapPad2, the child not only has to manipulate the screen with their fingers, hands and wrists, but also use their eyes. As they play the games on the LeapPad2, this strengthens the child’s hand to eye coordination as well as the child’s small muscles on their fingers, hands and wrists. 1. Which of Jean Piaget’s stages is this toy most appropriate for? Sensorimotor Preoperational X Concrete Operations X Formal Operations Explain why. The LeapPad2 is for children from ages 3 to 9. The Preoperational stage is from ages 2-6 which is when a child is learning to use language and the Concrete Operational stage happens between 7 and 11 years of age and is when a child gains better understanding of mental operations. Language Development 1. How does this toy help a child with language development? Does it stimulate verbal, written or reading development? The LeapPad2 is a very good tool to help children learn how to read. The LeapPad2 Learn to Read Phonics is designed for 4 to 7 year olds. The toy builds upon the child’s reading skills and helps them move at their own speed as they move forward to reading by themselves. It also helps the child recognize how letter sounds come together to form words. By using easy sentences and having them sound out words

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