Gender Role Development Essay

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For this writing assignment I have visited a few toy stores (Toy House, Toys R Us) recently to do Observational and Descriptive research on gender role development in the boys and girls sections for ages 4-7 years of age. In the next few paragraphs I will be describing and sharing what I have observed on the differences between the boys and girls sections. Compared to what I remember and seen as a child myself. Some of the things that I noticed right away in the boys sections were that about 70% of the toys were louder and made many different sounds. Some of these sounds were that of fire truck sirens, play toy guns, and action figures that spoke words. There were game systems you could play right there on sight to try some video games before buying them as well. When I was younger, I remember having to buy the game before you could play it and there was only one game system out then and that was…show more content…
Some toys in both the boys and girls aisles could actually be used in either gender such as Leap frog education, Little Einstein, waterproof cameras and video recorders, and even some video games. Some of the toys will help shape how both genders grow up and think about the world. A lot of kids are a product of their environment the toys they play with and the books they are taught to read. In chapter 4 of the book it talks about all the things I have been writing about in this paper. Things such as; how genders start to realize if they are boys or girls by the age of two and growing up and going through gender schemas. Which they learn by socializing with other kids that are their gender or the opposite gender. The toys could be played anywhere like in the car, play rooms, outside, schools and playgrounds. Depending on how versatile the toy is, it could pretty much be played anywhere unless of course it is a tree fort, swing set or a power
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