Explain How Play Encourages Children's Development

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How play encourages a child’s development Play encourages a child’s development because it enables children to develop their language skills, social skills, physical-coordination, emotional maturity and exploration skills From birth-three, play encourages self-reliance and helps with problem solving learning about the physical world and how it works around them. From age’s three-eight children learn by using imaginary skills such as playing with materials and practising language. Play is vital for children’s development because it helps to build... Language skills helping them to interact with not only themselves but other children/adults. From birth to three children will more use gestures and toy with words to communicate and as they…show more content…
Babies would shake, knock over toys to learn. As they develop (three-five) they will do things such as finger painting, playing in water or sand, feeling different objects and collecting things such as leaves/bugs. Physical coordination- When engaging in physical activities the child is strengthen their physical coordination ways to do this is through play which can be a number of things from clapping to climbing The Importance of Play and Development AGE 1-2 YEARS Musical instruments Outline of activity- Playing musical instruments The activity will encourage communication by- listening to each other play beats, hearing different sounds and having fun The activity will encourage social and emotional development by- Smiling and interacting with other children The activity will encourage cognitive development by- Using fine and gross motor skills, associating different sounds. The Importance of Play in Development AGES 3-4 YEARS Reading activity Outline of activity- Reading books in a group Resources needed- Adult, children and books The activity will encourage communication by- Speaking and listen and by asking

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