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Level 5 CCLM Unit 082 Promote creativity and creative learning in young children Group B 1.1 Analyse the differences between creative learning and creativity. Creative learning is about how children are involved in their own learning, and demonstrates their ability to problem solved and uses their imagination. It enables children to make choices and decisions and to use their problem solving skills. This can be achieved through providing a creative environment allowing exploration through play and praising creative efforts. Creativity is about risk taking and making connections, allowing children to explore and express themselves through a variety of media or materials. E.g. Dance, music, drawing, painting and creative movement. Creativity is exploring emotions and expressions. It is about enjoying and learning from the process rather than an end result. It is useful for many reasons, Developing confidence, developing relationships, team work and concentration. 1.2 Explain current theoretical approaches to creativity and creative learning in early childhood. There are many theoretical approaches that aim to explain creativity and creative learning. Most theories of child development view young children as highly creative with a natural tendency to fantasize experiment and explore their physical and conceptual environment. Edward De Bono creator of ‘six thinking hats’ believes that if you use his technique you will “solve all problems. Your decisions and plans will mix ambition, skill will in execution, public sensitivity, creativity and good contingency planning.” (Edward de Bono ‘six thinking hat’ 1985) Each ‘thinking hat’ is a different style of thinking. As seen in the visual aid below: Wallas (1926) review the sources of creative process, which he outlines in his book ‘The Art of Thought 1926’ summarising his own and other people’s

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