Cypop4 1.2 Essay

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1.2 Explain the development of movement skills in young children and how these skills affect other aspects of development. When thinking of movement skills you think of running, walking, jumping, rolling, crawling climbing and other methods which mainly involve some sort of travelling. Children learn all of these skills in stages, developing slowly until they are competent in doing them. For example, a child will learn how to walk before anything else as that is the first essential skill needed in order to move skilfully. Once they have mastered walking, they will then move onto jumping, skipping or hopping before then having the confidence to try running or more challenging skills like rolling or crawling. These skills help improve a child’s emotional development as they have the ability to explore; growing in confidence and independence as they do so. They also help to develop children’s language and social skills. Physical activity provides opportunities to introduce them to new words and phrases which they may not become familiar with, like faster, slower, higher and lower. The children can learn the meaning of these words and then use them in their own play with other children. Furthermore, this then helps the children to learn important social skills like turn-taking and understanding that everyone has different abilities to do things. Another aspect of movement is motor skills, the control and use of the muscles in your body. ‘Gross’ motor skills use the larger muscles in your body like your arms and legs. Movements that require these muscles are running, walking, climbing, jumping; travelling techniques that were explained above and can have an impact on a child’s emotional development. ‘Fine’ motor skills use the smaller muscles like in your hands and fingers. You need these skills when using tools such as cutlery, pens and pencils, hammers, nails, glue,
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