Compentency Goal 2

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Competency Goal II: To advance physical and intellectual competence. A caregiver is essential to the physical and intellectual development of children from infancy through pre-school years. The caregiver should provide the equipment and supplies for, physical, cognitive, communication, and creative development. To aid in the development of gross motor skills, children need space to run, climb, and jump. When playing outside provide the children with swings, slides, and a simple obstacle course. Encourage the children to plays games that include running and jumping like; tag, catch, or hopscotch. For indoor play, use hula hoops, indoor slides, and tunnels. You may also use songs that will encourage exercise; “The Hokey Pokey” is a good example. Infants will need a safe space for crawling, pulling themselves up, and learning to walk. Fine motor skills can be developed by using a variety of materials such as: play dough, crayons, scissors, and buttons. Have them practice buttoning and unbuttoning on old shirts, rolling play dough into shapes, and cutting paper with the scissors. Encourage infants using Cheerios for a snack and toys like: soft balls, rattles, and keys. Cognitive skills can be developed using hands-on activities allowing children explore, problem solve, and satisfy their curiosities. Ask the children what kind of ideas they have, this will make it their own idea and may be more interesting for them. When reading stories, show them the pictures, and then ask open-ended questions. Provide a quiet space for a child to look at a book or work a puzzle; sometimes a child needs quiet separation from the other children. Develop verbal communication through talking, story time, word games, and songs. Greet the children and have them follow a daily routine when they

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