Cache Level 2 Unit 4

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D1 Identify THREE (3) different settings where children might play. There is a wide variety of settings in which children play in. Play can occur in any setting, it may occur in an educational establishment such as a nursery where play is part of the curriculum. It may also occur in a local park where child can let off steam and engage in a variety of play. Finally play can happen in a children’s adventure zone such as crazy caves. D2 State the typical age range and the stage of play of the children who might play in the setting. D2-Most play settings accommodate a specific age range; this is because the activities and experiences provided at the setting will be age and possibly stage appropriate. Each setting will encourage a different stage of play. A nursery would provide play opportunities for children around the age of 3 and will encourage both associative and co-operative play. A park would encourage all four stages play, solitary, parallel, associative, and co-operative. This is because a park plays host to a multitude of ages, most commonly 1 to 10 years. The adventure zone will accommodate all stages of play as a wide age range will play there. An example of an adventure zone would be crazy caves, the typical age range here is 2 to 11. D3 Describe ONE (1) type of play that may take place in each setting. D7 Show an understanding of diversity and inclusive practice. D3/D7-In these settings the children will engage in various types of play. In a nursery children will engage in numerous types of play, one of those types of play is pretend play, ’Pretend play is where children talk to toys or objects and make up games using characters’ (P.Tassoni,(2007) page 160). Pretend play can develop social and emotional development because children can express their feelings through fictional characters. Discovery play will be present at a park. ‘Discovery play is a

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