Unit 1: Communication in a Business Environment

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Unit 1: Communication in a Business Environment Introduction This unit is about developing the skills and knowledge of communication needed within a business environment. It explores the different methods of communicating with others, whether this be verbal or non-verbal, and how different methods of communication are used within a business. It also looks at how to use spoken language and body language appropriately, as in the tone of voice used when talking to a client on the phone or a smile when greeting visitors to the office. Lastly it looks at the language, content, structure and accuracy of information in written communications relevant to the role of Reception and Office Administrator within Crossroads Care South Central. 1 Understand the requirements of written and verbal business communications 1.1 Explain why different communication methods are used in the business environment There are various methods of communication that should be used within a business environment for it to run efficiently. Each of these methods will fall in 1 of the following 3 main areas of communication: * Verbal ~ this is spoken language and can be said to be the most used type of communication. This is used when communicating face-to-face or over the telephone. * Non-verbal ~ this is the written word, and can be used when giving detailed information such as figures and facts. It is also used for sending documents and other important material to clients and trustees, so that it can be stored for later use, as it has been recorded it can therefore be accessed easily. * Body language ~ this how you present yourself when using verbal communication and can be the tone of voice used when speaking on the phone or smiling when greeting visitors to the office. Within each of these 3 areas there are several different ways to communicate and depending on who is involved in the
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