Unit 4, Business Communications, P7

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P7 – Outline electronic and non – electronic methods for communication business information, using examples for different types of audience. The importance of effective communication Having the ability to communicate in an effective way is about adapting the content and also the method of communication to suit the different people receiving it. i.e. the businesses customers. A range of communication methods are electronic and non-electronic. These non-electric methods consist of: letter, fax, flow charts, email, screen based and many others. Electronic methods consist of: touch screens, mobile phones, digital broadcasting and many more. Effective communication is vital for a business because it enables customers to be aware of the businesses products and services that are available to them. Non-Written Communication Touch Screens Touch screens can be used in various businesses, businesses such as cinemas to book tickets, doctors to check in, Argos to find/browse products, so on so forth. There can be numerous benefits to using touch screens when running a busy business and these can become suitable to the businesses target audience. For example, a check-in touch screen in a doctor’s surgery/waiting room is very simple to use, with only a few things to do on it. This makes it customer friendly and easy enough to use for the majority of ages. In some cases, doctors’ waiting rooms will even have a language selector on the screen for people whose first language isn’t English. This ensures that people of a different ethnicity are able to read what the screen says and without the help of other people. It is a quick and efficient way to get into the doctors, and get straight back out again. On the other hand, there can be various disadvantages of using touch screens. For instance, shopping centres have them which enables their customers
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