Case 9.1 a Dispersed Workplace

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Case 9.1 A dispersed workplace 1. In this case you have to communicate and make people feel like they are a part of organization and very important with our organization that mean you have to share all in formation to them by E-mail or Bill board for update information and knowledge that they need to know about our organization. Next step you have to create weekly or monthly meeting by invite them to come to your place or use TV conference meeting for received their information and discuss together to solve their problem or give them advice. This strategy can make all employees feel like one of team and they would cooperate of organization activity to achieve target. 2. First good communication should start from Two way communication that mean you have to know about your employees and How you know, you can use interview or let them presentation about their idea in meeting room then You should observed your employee and find strong point by person and encourage them to practice and use that into your organization. Example some people are good sales or some people are good presentation or marketing then you have to use them to take responsibility related with their talent. For this case it will useful to encourage people participate in meeting and improve their work because they can do something suitable for them. 3. Dialogue for communication in this case we have to create form about request question or support from that mean we can use same pattern for e-mail or letter to communicate with employee and other people in organization, That dialogue we have to prepare in 2 ways that internal dialogue to communicate with people in their department or in organization and external dialogue for communicate with other company or government. 4. The multigenerational It could effect to organization depend on how your manage each generation because each
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