Psy 302 Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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A performance appraisal is an evaluation of how well an employee carries out their duties throughout the year. Usually, performance appraisals are conducted in a quarterly or yearly manner. The appraisal is given to the employee, by their local manager. According to our textbook, Youssef and Noon write, “The goal of performance appraisal is to accurately measure employees’ performance. To do so, raters must directly observe an employee’s actions and behaviors” (Youssef & Noon, 2012). In the yearly performance appraisal I had, it rated my achievements, it advised me at what were my weak points in certain tasks, and my strong points as well. I was given a rating from one to ten, (10 being the best). It would point out ideas on how I could improve my weak points. It listed dated expectations for employee training, as well as tasks my manager required of me. Performance appraisals are an efficient way for an employee to promote themselves within a company. After I received my performance appraisal, I was given the opportunity to review the appraisal with my manager and ask her questions about the comments that she made towards my work performance. I was also able to discuss with her, about what training I wanted to pursue towards my own personal goal within the company. The review was signed by my manager and me, at which I was given a carbon copy of as well. The strengths of the evaluation process help determine the actual way employees perform their duties, against the way they are expected to perform their duties. This way, they understand the importance, and familiarity of what is expected in their job duties. Therefore, the employee will work harder to achieve his/her expectations. This helps the employee to become motivated and enthusiastic and it progresses the development of the company as well. Another strength factor of the evaluation

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