Importance Of Communication In The Business Environment

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Unit 222 Communication in a business environment. 1.1 Explain why different communication methods are used in the business environment. Within business environments different methods of communications are used, this helps to make sure that important messages or information is sent and received effectively. We have verbal communication, which is either face to face with direct colleagues, patients or by phone conversations. Both are a quick way to make sure messages are received immediately. There is also written communication which is either by letter, email, fax or even SMS text messaging. This way of communicating can take longer to reach the recipient, therefore verbal communication would be the most up to date and the correct…show more content…
When sending professional letters out they reflect the image of the business therefore it’s important to ensure they don’t have spelling errors and have correct punctuation. This gives patients, staff and members of the public confidence in the business and keeps our trust with our service users. 1.4 Explain the importance of using appropriate body language and tone of voice when communicating verbally. It is important to be aware of our body language and our tone of voice when communicating verbally. Body language is in face a huge part of communicating, this is known as non-verbal communication examples include: • Facial Expressions • Gestures with arms or hands • Eye contact. Tone of voice is also vital as this is how patients will be able to sense our mood. If you were in a bad mood your tone of voice could reflect this and be louder and have a hint of agitation. When gesturing using hands and arms, this could come across as being threatening however some people do this hand and arm gestures in a positive way of communicating for example – in teaching, some teachers would use gestures to give examples of how to complete the
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