Btec Business Level 3 Unit 4 M1

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Business communication Connor Cook Unit 4 Unit 4- business communication M1 This report will be on how communication methods can create an important role in helping a business be successful. This report will look to evaluate the communication methods used at HSFC (Havering Sixth Form College) and their impact in helping the college be successful. Written Written communication expresses a message through written word. The purpose of this method of communication allows all parties to clearly understand what is being transported to each party. Written communication is a formal way to communicate though can be used informally through emails to another party. An example of written communication is a letter. At Havering Sixth Form College, letters is an internal source of information which informs students and their parents about; up to date information at the college, student’s progress, student grades, financial information, student behaviour, college trips, etc. This is internal information the source of information is form within the college. The purpose of letters as a business are to inform members of the public about things within the organisation. An advantage of using letters is that it can be filled with important information and it can be set and layout clearly. A disadvantage of letters is that the person who is meant to receive the letter might not receive it, maybe due to the postman not delivering the correct letter to the right house. This proves that although letters are a good source of communication, it is not completely reliable as the letter may get lost. Letters can be a big asset to businesses because it can inform many people about important and useful information but it is not the most important written source of communication. Another example of written communication is an email. At Havering Sixth Form College, emails are mostly used
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