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P1 I am writing a business report for the Head of Sixth form and the Sixth Form representatives to show how I will use information systems to ensure that the school shop makes a profit and runs efficiently. I have reflected on the importance of information systems in the running of the school’s stationary shop. An information system is collections of ways in which a company takes in information, processes it and stores the information before distributing it back out. Organisation use information systems to keep track of the business, and communicate within the different departments. Information systems benefit organisations as they allow businesses to control the flow of information between departments and help them to make decisions on the direction the business will run. There are lots of different types of information systems; the one which I am going to use is a Decision Support System which is a computer-based application. It gathers, arranges and analyses business data to enable easy business decision-making for the organisation. A good Decision Support System helps the decision makers in gathering a variety of data from many different sources. When thinking about the information I will need to get hold of in order to help me with the running of the school shop, I will consider…show more content…
However I have spoken to the teachers myself and have been completely assured that Eportal is reliable and accurate. An example of secondary data that I will obtain is the data from Eportal which shows how many times a teacher has logged that a particular student has forgotten their equipment. Another example of the secondary data that I will obtain is my own research into marketing techniques that shops use to promote

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