Nvq Lv3 Business Admin Unit 4 1.1

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Unit 4 For unit 4 i will be writing about understanding how to prepare business documents for use within the working enviroment. There is many types of documents that are produced and used across every working enviroment and have there own way of being produced as some companies have set house styles that gives them a kind of brand feel to their documents and looks more official as all the documents follow the same font style, size and logo and even paper used throughout all types of documents that they might produce. Here is the following Documents that may be produced within a school: Minutes: Minutes also known as notes are a type of written or recorded record that is tend to be written during meetings and hearings. During these meetings, a receptionist or typist would take notes on subjects that they might be asked to record and then takes the information gathered from the meeting and starts to use a siving technique where they read through all the notes gathered and sorts out what information is related to what they've been asked to record and what is not needed and then begins to type it up onto a word document so that the notes that are important are shown. Once this information is typed up, it is then handed to everyone that has attended so that they can use the information for their work. Instead of writing notes text based, some companies use audio or video recordings to help give an even more accurate document when typing up as you have everything that was said at the meeting recorded which you can find easily as you can rewind and pause on important parts of the meeting. An example when minutes are used is when the school has its govinour meetings where they need notes typing up on general school information which can be broken up into subjects like the building, the students behaviour and attendance and even the staffs performance. Agenda:
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