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Video Case 1 Emanuel Dozier Questions 1. A. He got ideas from college students by asking students to dump the contents of their backpacks on the table and explain what they carried around and then to react to some early highlighter models. Several instances six or seven students were interviewed together and observed by 3M researches from behind a one way mirror. Other students were interviewed individually. When the early models of the product finally existed, several hundred were produced and given to students to use for a month. Their reactions were captured on a questionnaire. B. He believed that students would be the main consumers, so he wanted to market the products based from student’s ideas and opinions. 2. A. The special advantages it had were, it was innovative and new. Nothing at the time was like it. B. Potential problems are not all students used highlighters, and the chance that it might not be successful, making it permanent on college shelves and retailer stores. 3. A. I would display it at the register, where you check out/ buy your books. B. It increases the awareness because when students are checking they see it, and they can go about and spread the word about it. 4. I believe they can make deals with the school and advertise it on the schools textbooks, tablets, and the bags they give for students to carry multiple books. Also in the lunchroom, and student center with posters. The tutoring center would also be a great place to display the product. They can also give out free products and have a person set up a small display at the school to give out the free products, and tell them a little about it. 5. A. Bringing the product to more people and expanding the product name to bring in more revenue. B. Getting international markets to buy the product and convince them there buyers would purchase the product.

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