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BTEC LEVEL 3 BUSINESS Jack Houston UNIT 4 P1 Describe the types of information used in your organisation, choosing one from each of the following categories: verbal, written, on-screen, multimedia, web-based. Describe where each of these pieces of information has come from. Describe the purpose of each piece of information There are different types of information used in businesses. Teachers from a school, for example, communicate using different ways such as, verbal, written, on screen, multimedia and web-based. There are various purposes and reasons why different ways of communications are used and when it’s seen most beneficial to use them. Strategic management is the process by which organisations determine their purpose, objectives and desired levels of achievement. It would help a school decide on actions for achieving these objectives and also allows them to implement the actions, and then assess progress and results. In order to establish strategic direction, the school would require large amounts of information from both internal and external sources. Once this information is obtained a SWOT analysis is used, which is a tool used for auditing the organisation and its environment. The sources that people use within a school could be information obtained from inside the business. There are different types of internal in c0formation, such as financial, personnel, marketing, purchasing manufacturing and administration. As well as internal sources of information, a school could also use external sources to help them make the correct business decisions. Some examples of external sources of information would be government, trade groupings, commercially provided information, database and research. If a business uses external sources of information they must be sure of the reliability of the sources. Face to face verbal communication is arguably the
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