Business Level 3 Unit 4 M1

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M1 Unit: 4 Business Communication Analysing types of communication Meetings: Meetings are very important in every business organisation because it strengthens and develops the business growth, Plus more Information, and strategical plans are taken to promote business productivity . In meetings Not only do member of staff come together with head managers to discuss about or share ideas to promote business stability , they also come to give appraisals , and offer promotions to members of staff working really hard in the business .For example at Sgs college surveys are take as well as voice of learner meetings , This elaborates and enhance the colleges development because ,they are finding ways on improving the business. This is the best…show more content…
its also an easier and faster way of sharing and promoting business sources. For example if sgs college wanted to introduce new course or events ,they could use face book ,in informing new applicants or students about It. This is the best method because its quicker and faster way of communicating and advertising to students . And very Important because its create awareness for new applicants as well as regular students of what courses are being introduced and how it will affect them positively. Videos : This could also be a way of spreading and giving out information around sgs college .This could be Both external and internal because ,there could be a staff or workers meeting using a video to explain the reestablishment of a new building and externally a video to inform students about what the new renovated building is going to used for .This could be done on websites and the importance about this is because its gives a clear knowledge of what is being or going to happen and its easy to follow since its gots pictures and objects in it . It’s the best method also because , its more Informative and very professional

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