Communicate in a Business Environment

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Unit 304- Communicate in a business environment Outcome 1: Understand the purpose of planning communication 1.1 Explain the benefits of knowing the purpose of communication The purpose of communication is so that people are able to understand each other in different ways and for many different reasons. Communication can be done in many ways whether it is verbal or non-verbal. The benefits of knowing the purpose of communication are that; it means people are able to use their communication skills to help others, discuss and to solve problems we come across in day to day life. For example; At work if I do not know how to do a certain task I am given its important that I know I can communicate with one of my colleagues in order to get the problem solved and give me further understanding on how to further complete the given task. The purpose of communication is important as communication is the only way people can get across; problems, feelings, discomforts and ideas. 1.2 Explain the reasons for knowing the audience to whom communications are being presented It is important to know the audience you are presenting communications to so you know what to expect from them and so that you know what they expect from you in terms of how you deliver the communications. For example; If I had to communicate some information across to an audience I would first find out what that audience find appealing and how they take in information best and would communicate my information that way, their preferred method may be through images and a small amount of text so a presentation would be perfect for this audience. Some audiences may have special requirements so it is important to know the audience in that respect as there may be a specific type of communication they need in order to understand the information. 1.3 Explain the purpose of knowing the intended
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