Customer Relationship Management in Telco Business

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Globalisation era is the period of business competition that drives technology usage. This also happens in the mobile communications industry where customers could choose any operators to provide mobile communication service. Because of this phenomenon, providers enable technology called Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM main function is to provide crucial information for the marketing and sales strategy. The examples of CRM software developers are Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, SalesForce, and Amdocs. Many mobile communication providers in Australia such as Telstra, Vodafone and Optus implement one of these CRM softwares in their company. Since customer satisfaction in this business is an essential thing, providers must target to win. Being able to apply CRM technology could be one way to win this race. To begin, there are some ways how the mobile communication providers use the CRM technology to increase their profit. The first is the company use CRM as a tool to generate some features and information to make decision making. Zinmund, McLeod and Gilbert (2003) defined CRM technology as a centralized system using IT to combine data collected from all process and customer interaction that enables strategic decision making. This decision making is related to marketing and sales strategy to increase the profit. The second use of CRM is to improve the quality interaction between service providers and customers. The company would be able to do this from information provided by CRM. CRM produces this information by using three major activities: obtain data about customer profiles and behaviours from call centre, email, web, and call data records; warehouse and process the data; provide accessible information based on the data (Baran, Galka, & Strunk. 2008). Additionally, the company uses customer profiling from CRM to understand about what the customer needs and
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